Asset Management subcontent

There are many different ideas, concepts, and methods for Asset Management. Think of RCM, FMEC, VDM, and more.


Theme Asset Management


Safety is, of course, a crucial part of maintenance. Maintenance technicians have to be capable of inspecting, repairing, and maintaining assets safely. Besides that, the maintenance should also ensure the safety of the assets’ end users. But the central focus is not only on physical safety, also digital safety in the shape of cyber security is part of this theme.


Theme Safety


It is important to take action to guarantee the survival of our earth. Within maintenance we can do a lot to fight climate change: remanufacturing, circular and expanding of lifecycles, using sustainable materials, working on the energy transition and more.


Theme Sustainability

Human Factor

The shortage of technical staff is one of the bigger problems within maintenance. How are we going to make young professionals excited to be a part of one of our biggest and most important global industries? And how are we going to secure the knowledge of our aging professionals?


Theme Human Factor

Smart Industry

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Exoskeletons and more; Maintenance 4.0 gets smarter every day. For this theme, we will follow all of the important developments within the Smart Industry.


Theme Smart Industry