One of the themes at the heart of Maintenance NEXT 2025 is Safety. Indeed, safety is a very important aspect in the maintenance sector. It is essential that maintenance engineers are able to safely approach the assets they inspect, repair and maintain. This includes not only using the right protective equipment, but also having the necessary knowledge and training to work safely.


Safety among users

Moreover, it is vital that maintenance also ensures the safety of the end users of the assets. This may mean, for example, that maintenance activities should be carried out at certain times to ensure the safety of users. Engineers also need to ensure that assets continue to operate safely and reliably after maintenance.


Cyber security in the maintenance sector

Besides physical security, digital security is also very important in maintenance. Cyber security has become an important issue and it is vital that the assets and systems being maintained are protected against cyber attacks and data loss with proper cyber security. It is therefore important that maintenance engineers are aware of the digital security of assets and take the right measures to protect them with proper cyber security.


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