Keynote speakers

Work more safely by learning from Work as Done

Work more safely by learning from Work as DoneArjan van Dijk - Program Director

Operating safely is the key to sustainable asset utilization. Sometimes reality turns out to be different than imagined. There is then a big difference between Work as Imagined, what we have thought out and laid down in rules and procedures to work safely and efficiently, and Work as Done, how the work is actually done in practice. How would you look at these differences through safety glasses?

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Maintenance in transition

Maintenance in transitionKaren de Lathouder - CEO

In the next 30 years, industry will have to become completely climate neutral. A huge challenge that will require a lot, including efficiency, digitalization and circularity. These efforts should lead to future-proof industry with minimal safety risks and environmental impact, minimal use of raw materials and fuels, and all at an affordable, competitive price. This upheaval also affects labor demand, the deployment of technology and new development, the strategy and narrative to recruit qualified personnel, and the image of the manufacturing industry. In my talk, I like to discuss these developments and how the maintenance dicipline can contribute to this transition.

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The smart balance between technology and necessity

The smart balance between technology and necessityDanny Roerdink - Operations Manager

Danny Roerdink has years of experience and knowledge in the maintenance industry and Industry 4.0 integration. With his unique perspective on smart and efficient maintenance, he is a must-see speaker for visitors looking for practical and applicable insights. His presentation provides insight into how best to balance the latest technologies with the needs of the business, thereby getting the most out of maintenance in the long run.

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Human-Centric amidst Industry 5.0

Human-Centric amidst Industry 5.0Jan Stoker - Chairman European Training Committee EFNMS

We live in one of the most inspiring timeframes for our future Asset and Maintenance Managers, -Technicians and -Engineers. This timeframe is full of choices to make and create a sustainable future. Now at the end of Industry 4.0, it is time to reconsider the role of the human factor, resilience and the sustainability in an increasing smart technological environment. Although the other two topics of Industry 5.0, Sustainability and Resilience, the human factor as one of the five topics of the EuroMaintenance conference in Rotterdam 2023, inspires. It encourages me to overthink and discuss how to educate, train and motivate our NextGen’s and prepare them. Looking forward to meet.

How to combine advanced surface engineering technology and automated lubrication?

How to combine advanced surface engineering technology and automated lubrication?Norbert Pedersen - Lubrication Engineer

Norbert Pedersen is seasoned in high-performance lubrication solutions and talks on the winning combination of advanced surface engineering and automated lubrication systems. You will learn why the right lubricant in the right volume at the right frequency in the right place is so essential.

The Role of Asset (Performace) Management in Sustainability, with some client examples

The Role of Asset (Performace) Management in Sustainability, with some client examplesRonald Teijken - Brand Specialist IBM Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic, both from a social angle, but certainly also because of the new regulations, such as ESG, that are rapidly approaching us. From various focus areas, companies can realize improvements in the area of sustainability and good maintenance (asset management), in an integrated form with e.g. AI and IoT, can certainly contribute to this.

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The impact of the Ukraine war on European industry

The impact of the Ukraine war on European industryRoy op het Veld - Freelance journalist, author, speaker

Using a series of iconic photographs, Op het Veld outlines the most important geopolitical events since World War II, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of China as a superpower. With the war in Ukraine, Putin wants to restore the former glory of Greater Russia, but he not only causes an energy crisis with it, he also puts the geopolitical balance of power with the U.S., Europe and China under high tension. What are the consequences for Europe's economy and industry?

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