Knowlegde Theatre

On the exhibition floor of Maintenance NEXT we will present a beautiful theatre where you can give workshops or a substantive presentation as an exhibitor. This is an unique opportunity to share your knowledge with the maintenance sector in the industry.

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Marjan van Loon, President-Director of Shell Nederland, Royal Dutch Shell:
"Where would you be without maintenance? Maintenance NEXT underlines the importance of maintenance for the Dutch industry. The country is bustling with business activity.'


Ellen den Broeder, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Doelmatig Onderhoud (Dutch Association for Effective Maintenance):
"We show that, for the entire sector, maintenance is more than getting your hands dirty. We're really becoming high-tech.' 

Sjoerd Feitsma, Services and Knowledge Director at ENGIE:
"Everyone in the sector is talking about Smart Industry or Industry 4.0. This shows that this will definitely have an impact. That we are on the brink of an enormous revolution.' 

Herman Lens, NDT Manager with Vinçotte:
"Maintenance NEXT is a very important place for getting information from the market. And for maintaining contacts.' 


Roy van Huffelen, Marketing Manager with Ultimo Software Solutions:
'It is the number one spot to meet lots of new contacts and to show your latest new innovations to the market.' 

Exhibitor list

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