• How can I participate as an exhibitor?

    We are glad to hear that you want to participate as an exhibitor! Have you chosen from our stand options already? Then you can fill in the participation form. Do you need some help or do you want more information? Please contact our account manager Angeni Moret for availablity, prices and other information.

  • Can I use the Maintenance NEXT logo as an exhibitor?

    Yes, you can. We will provide logo's and banners to help you with the promotion of your participation as an exhibitor. They will be available on our website soon. For further questions please ask Frank Zoethoutmaar

  • Pay attention to Expo Guide, Fair Guide, Event Fair / The Exhibitors Index and International Fairs Directory

    Pay attention to Expo Guide, Fair Guide, Event Fair / The Exhibitors Index and International Fairs Directory
    On a regular base  Rotterdam Ahoy receives questions or complaints from exhibitors who are approached by:  the Austrian company Construct Data (Fair Guide), Expo Guide from Mexico (with an address in France), Event Fair / The Exhibitors Index from Slovakia (Bratislava) and International Fairs Directory (MULPOR Company S.A. from Uruguay). We very much like to emphasise, there is absolutely no cooperation with or solidarity between Rotterdam Ahoy and Expo Guide, Fair Guide, Event Fair / The Exhibitors Index and International Fairs Directory!


    Expo Guide
    Expo Guide sends out letters to companies with a form to correct  data for an listing in Expo Guide. After signing the letter/form, companies have to pay a considerable annual  amount for a number of time and are expected to  pay for something that is not clear at all.

    Event Fair / The exhibitors Index
    Event Fair sends out letters to companies with a request to verify and correct  data for a free website listing. However, together with this letter a form is sent. After signing the form, the listing is transformed into an advertisement and companies must  to pay a considerable annual amount for a number of time.

    Fair Guide
    This letter comes from the Austrian company Construct Data, suggestsing to be mentioned for corrections for an listing in FAIR Guide and a registration via the website to keep  company data up to date. In this case companies also have to pay a considerable annual  amount for a number of time, after signing the letter.

    International Fairs Directory
    This form comes from the company Connect Publisher (Mexico) or MULPOR Company S.A. (Uruguay), also asking to make  corrections for a registration on www.inter-fairs.com.  By signing the form, it appears not to be a registration but an advertisement, for which the signing company also needs  to pay a considerable amount. 

    If you, as an exhibitor, would like to make use of the possibility to have your data mentioned in Fair Guide, Expo Guide, Event Fair or International Fairs Guide, this is something we cannot decide for you. However we would  like to emphasize, that the data mentioned in Fair Guide, Expo Guide, Event Fair and International Fairs Directory, only contains data from companies that have registered with payment, voluntary or not. Besides, we suspect Construct Data copies address data of exhibitors from former fair catalogues and fair related websites.


    Again we insure you that Rotterdam Ahoy does not cooperate with Construct Data in any way, and did not supply any data from our exhibitors.

    We hope to have informed you well with the explanation above. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us..


    More information is also available on the website of UFI.


  • Where can I find the program?

    The program will be available a couple of months before the trade fair. 


  • What is the best way to reach Rotterdam Ahoy by public transport?

    Rotterdam Ahoy is easy to get to by bus, tube and train. The Ahoy Arena is a brief 5-minute walk away from the Zuidplein tube station and bus stop. Make sure the credit on your 'OV-chipkaart' is topped up and remember to check out on your way back. Plan your journey by public transport.

  • Where can I park my car?

    The car parks at Rotterdam Ahoy offer space to 2.000 vehicles. Cars can be parked all day for €18.00. The rate for coaches is € 45.00. 

    Plan your journey by car


  • What is the nearest airport?

    Rotterdam Ahoy is less than an hour away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. From both airports you can travel to Ahoy quickly and comfortably on public transport and by car.

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  • Which hotel do you suggest?

    Our organisation team will reserve hotel rooms with special rates for partners and visitors via Preferred Hotel Reservations. More information you will find here.