General29 March 2023

7 tips to make your participation known

7 tips to make your participation known


Communicating your participation in the exhibition to your network is one of the most important things to do for a successful participation. This way, together we will ensure a exhibition full of quality visitors.


1. Forward your personal invitation

On 13 March, you received an invitation from us, which you can forward to your contacts. You can change the text and title yourself before forwarding the invitation.


2. Use your personal banner

In February, you received an email with the subject line: "Promote your participation in Maintenance NEXT in your network!" In this email, you will find the link to your personal banners containing your company name, logo and booth number. You can share these on your social media channels.


3. Send a newsletter

It is of course important that your target group knows you are at the exhibition. Newsletters are an effective way of communicating this. In this message, invite your relations to visit Maintenance NEXT 2023 and meet you at your stand.


4. Have account managers write to their relations and prospects

Besides new customers, you naturally want to invite existing relations too. Personal invitations therefore work best. Your account manager can call important relations to personally invite them to visit your stand.


5. Make use of social media

As we mentioned in point 2 above, use banners on your own social media channels and mention Maintenance NEXT 2023 in the post. What also works well is tagging people who will attend your company's exhibition, for example. This way, the post will get higher visibility on LinkedIn and Facebook and more people will also know about your participation.


6. Announcing your participation on your website

Not only is social media important, it is also important to use your website as a communication tool for announcing your participation in the fair. For example, you can post an invitation to visit Maintenance NEXT 2023 on your website, but you can also write a blog about what's on display at your stand and include Maintenance NEXT in your events calendar on the website.


7. Use promotional materials in different expressions

Use the personalised banners and logos in all the expressions you plan to place, both in print and digitally. For example, place a banner on your website, in your e-mail signature and in digital newsletters. This way, someone will be reminded several times that you are participating in the exhibition.